Aurory Launches New Patch with New Energy System and Reward Loop

Aurory Launches New Patch with New Energy System and Reward Loop

  • Winning in Aurory now rewards players with OKA and TOKE, which are off-chain sub-currencies, one for NFT owners and the other for F2P players.
  • There’s a new energy system for the NFTs, and token distribution has been altered positively, leading to an enhanced gameplay loop.

Aurory Project released the details surrounding its latest patch for the game on October 26, 2022, where the development team outlined the new rewards system, new Nefty, big UI improvements, and other notable changes, such as the nerfing of specific functions.

Main Changes That Alter The Gameplay and Earning Loop

Numerous changes have been implemented within the game in Patch 0.2.7, such as the new reward loop. Players can win games within the game and obtain rewards in the form of OKA and TOKE.

The Aurory patch notes claim that OKA is the sub-currency enabled by NFT Nefty owners, while TOKE is the sub-currency earned by free-to-play (F2P) players.

aurory tokens

There’s also a new energy system for NFT Nefties, as they all come with 10 points of “Okanergy,” the power used in every battle.

Every time a player engages in battle, one Okanergy point gets consumed, and when all ten are used up, the Nefty will stop earning OKA and will earn TOKE instead. Okanergy replenishes within 24 hours.

Sync Space has been introduced to the inventory, limiting the number of blockchain transactions and transaction approvals.

The distribution system will now automatically reward players directly based on the number of sub-currencies earned within seven days.

There are also updates connected with the User Interface (UI), which has been updated in terms of layout and visibility. The game flow has likewise received an overhaul, as each player will now begin in a new area known as Kitty’s Tavern by default.

When we look at the game as a whole, Aurory is a tactical, turn-based, NFT-focused creature battling game that follows the Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) genre and is built on top of the Solana (SOL) blockchain.

AURY is the native cryptocurrency used across the game and represents an internal financial stake, whilst also granting players the ability to access dungeons.

After this patch, AURY distribution only occurs through the new Sync Space system, where players can cash it out at any time.

On the Flipside

  • Various elements in the game were nerfed or weakened. While this might improve the game’s balance, it could discourage the usage of specific characters in-game that are popular with players, such as increased hype (energy) cost changes for specific moves.

Why You Should Care

With updates such as these, we can see a healthy ecosystem, economy, and overall appeal to projects developed with Web 3.0 and NFT elements in mind.

The developers took player feedback and requests seriously when designing these changes, which is another indication that the crypto community will have a more substantial impact on the future of their favorite games than those developed traditionally. We might see this trend replicated in future GameFi projects.


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