Astra Nova’s Deviants NFT Collection Will Be Multichain

Astra Nova’s Deviants NFT Collection Will Be Multichain

  • Astra Nova is a blockchain-based project developed using Unreal Engine 5 and is a metaverse role-playing game (MetaRPG).
  • The team behind the project announced the Deviants NFT collections would launch on Hedera and Ethereum. 

The Deviants are 3D playable characters that players can utilize in the world of Astra Nova, and they will be multichain.

Astra Nova is a game built on top of Hedera, a distributed ledger technology and alternative to blockchains. 

The Deviants NFT Collection Clarified

Deviants are a set of NFT playable characters that feature 15 different species. 10,000 unique NFTs reside on two blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ETH) and Hedera (HBAR). 

Astra Nova announced the update on November 16, clarifying that only the NFT collection is multichain. The Astra Nova game will exclusively work on top of Hedera, while Deviants will operate on top of Ethereum.

Deviants NFTs

An Image Featuring the Deviants NFTs. Source: Official Website

The original Deviant mint will be created on top of the Ethereum network, featuring all of the core utilities initially announced by the team. 

After minting, every holder of these NFTs can mint an additional “crystal” for free, through which they can re-create the NFT on top of Hedera.

Evolved Deviants are separate NFTs that will be on the Hedera Network and will feature gameplay-related utilities. 

There are two NFT deviants; one is the original Deviant on the Ethereum Network, which is not compatible with the game, while the other is the game-ready NFT with a new look and utilities on Hedera. 

The migration happens because the NFT collection was initially developed for the ETH chain. However, the game moved to Hedera. 

Astra Nova’s development team reassured players that any announced partnerships would be honored on Ethereum, and the Ethereum-based NFTs would still have specific utilities. 

This MetaRPG title features Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics and its governance token GTKN.

On the Flipside

  • The project moved to the Hedera Network because it has lower, predictable costs and quicker network speeds. This ensures players have a more cost-efficient experience while playing Astra Nova. 

Why You Should Care

While this migration might be inconvenient for players that initially started on Ethereum, it has valid benefits to make it a worthwhile procedure. 

Hedera features the energy-efficient hashgraph algorithm and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which have enabled a solid foundation for sustainable network operations.

As more projects move to eco-friendly networks, we can expect them to be far more sustainable and in operation long term.

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