100,000 Trump-NFTs Put up for Sale by Bad Seed Book

100,000 Trump-NFTs Put up for Sale by Bad Seed Book

  • Bad Seed Book has launched a collection of tradeable Trump-NFTs. 
  • The online publication released the collection in response to Ex-United States President Donald Trump’s burgeoning NFT collection. 

The former U.S. President Donald Trump’s NFT collection has been all the rage since its release. The Trump-NFT collection has undoubtedly piqued enthusiasts’ interest, with sales grossing $6.5 million in the first week. 

Since its release, the former U.S. President has successfully sold 45,000 NFTs donning stolen photos from Shutterstock mashed with Trump’s heroic figure. Notably, Trump-NFTs have reached the top of the Polygon (MATIC) charts, setting a new all-time high in NFT floor price. 

Seeing the positive reception of Trump-NFTs, The Bad Seed Book, an illustrated online satire of the Trump Administration, has decided to take on Trump-NFTs with a satirical collection. 

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Anti-Trump NFTs Going Bust?

In light of the success of the Trump-NFTs, the Bad Seed Book stays committed to its role as a satirical counterbalance with its Anti-Trump narrative. The Bad Seed Book previously commissioned and produced an exclusive Anti-Trump collection of 1,500 original images, gifts, and animated movie shorts.

In its latest Anti-Trump campaign, the publication announced the sale of 100,000 Trump-NFT trading cards for $100 a piece on Upstream with 10% royalties to the creator. The collection will showcase Catalan artist Ivan Cuadros’s artwork from the Bad Seed Book.

Some of the illustrations from the series include Trump Baby, Statue of Trump, Trump Dictator, Trump Godzilla, Trump Slapped, and more. 

Adam Kidron, the writer of the Bad Seed Book, shared,

“Like the Bad Seed Book itself, the Trump-NFTs serve as a satirical counterbalance to Trump and his bully-pulpit, which he uses to intimidate, discriminate and sell dangerous untruths. So when Trump announced his sale of 45,000 "comic" NFTs, we decided to create a series of greater artistic, social, and economic value. We picked President's Day to launch to remind people that the 45th edition was the worst.”

The writer has claimed that the publication’s Anti-Trump NFT collection could give holders a 1000% return, similar to Trump’s NFT collection. However, despite The Bad Seed Book’s marketing campaigns, the Anti-Trump-NFT collection has sold only two NFTs, according to Upstream

Moreover, The publication’s promotional posts have been getting less than 200 impressions on Twitter, despite having 25,000 followers.

It looks like the Anti-Trump narrative could not be as rewarding for the satire publication in Web3 as it was with the Bad Seed book. 

On the Flipside

  • Upon closer inspection, The Upstream platform web UI lacks the usual flare of an NFT market. The marketplace does not display essential information like public addresses, analytics, etc. 
  • The NFTs on the marketplace feature a button that users can click on to download a jpeg of the NFT.

Why You Should Care

Trump-NFTs are performing exceptionally well in the market, surging in price whenever the scandal-prone ex-president gets into a controversy. The connection of Trump-NFTs to the former president could be why the NFTs are doing so well. However, The Bad Seed Book’s Anti-Trump-NFT collection is struggling to get sales, despite donning satirical images of the former president. 

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